My boyfriend claims me & kid as dependants on taxes and pays for every thing all the bills n his name. How do I file for financial aid?



Financial aid for what?


A person who over 24 and does not work, and the BF claims the children & the person on his taxes, you would report a household size of 1. You would sit down & add up all the monthly bills, divide that by the number of people in the household, and multiply by 12 for an estimate of annual bills paid on your behalf. Add to that number any bills or support he provides particularly to only you (ie, your cell phone, medical expenses, clothes, etc.) The major legal issue concerning your situation is that you have no legal backup concerning your children. I would advise you to spend some serious time thinking about your BF's legal obligation to your children. Single mothers will ALWAYS be advised to file for an order of support from their child's father - whether you live together or not. You should discuss this with the BF.... who knows? Maybe 5 years down the road you are both no longer together, maybe BF moves on, marries, has more children... and you are left with no support for the kids. Married people have to go through divorce and get orders for support or custody or both. You and your BF have no such protection without support orders.


Go to the court house and ask them


If you are over 24, the FAFSA would have you report 1 in household - you. The kids are your BF s dependents. If you are UNDER 24, you would file with your parents info, as the children are NOT your dependents.


If you are over 24, you use your own financial information on the FAFSA form. If you are not married to him, you do not have to include his financial information. If he's claiming you as a dependent, he's breaking the law. He can file as head of household, however.


I'm over the age of 24 I don't work I'm a stay at home mom


This is a question you may need to talk to your attorney about. If you are not married then your boyfriend can not legally claim you or your kids as dependents on his taxes. You could place yourself in legal trouble if you let him. As for the financial aid question, contact the financial aid department at the college where you are applying and they will be able to give you the correct information for their school.