If a letter arrives in a personal way, and is a fictional comic story of you and the sender, would you consider it a letter or a book?

The story is mostly about a innocent and friendly dream. Not something that tries to disrespect the other person in any way. :) It has no commercial or public purpose. It is totally personal and unique. But I need to know how it is perceived, as a gift to be seen as a book, or always acceptable as a letter.

The Lord Humungus.

Is it book sized? Are you one of those teens who call all forms of writing "books" no matter how small?


It's a letter, or, if you prefer, a letter containing a story. It isn't a book


If it tells a tale and has a beginning a middle and and an end, it is a story. The story is either in the form of a cartoon or comic strip, part of the contents of the letter from your friend, or it is folded or stapled or glued to resemble a booklet or book.

Elaine M

It's a short story. I did that with two fellow writers, we wrote ourselves into stories and sent multiple letters over six months doing the entire story.


It sounds like a letter containing a story.


If I hadn't asked for it I would consider it stalking. If I had asked, then it's correspondence.


A combination of both.