Write about one incident in your life in which you were in power/privilege or the victim of discrimination or prejudice?


The Taxpayer

What total BS. A means of perpetuating the victimhood myth.


Not a Books and Authors question. If this assignment was given to you, it is your personal life that matters, not those of people you don't know.

Anonymous: My boss, in all seriousness

My boss, in all seriousness: "We're paying Ron more, even though he's been here three months and you've been here almost three years, because he has a family to support and you're single." Wow. I quit soon after.


I have slightly leaf-lopped knees. The boy's at grammar school used to tease me something terrific. "Leafy!" they'd jeered or "Leaf-knee, what's the matter? Why so Lop-sided, Leafy?" I would be so inconsolable each day, Mr Montfreit would have to drive me home from school with me sitting on his lap, in pails of tears.