Could the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew and Luke be different because a true and accurate genealogy is impossible without a DNA test?


Adam D

Or, it could be that the Bible has contributions of dozens of authors, but was probably recorded 2nd or 3rd hand years after the death of the people who were in it.


Bible story charactors written as moral guidance for religious reasions has nothing to do with real people... same as asking about the genealogy of sleeping beauty or mickey mouse


I've heard two possible scenarios as to why the genealogical accounts are different. The simplest solution is that we have genealogies of both parents of Jesus: Joseph and Mary. Luke gives us Mary’s genealogy, while Matthew gives us Joseph’s genealogy. The other is that Matthew's is a royal or legal genealogy, while Luke gives a physical, or actual, genealogy. This made the most sense to me at first because Matthew was a Jew and Luke was a Gentile physician. In either case, the differing texts has been one of those "contradictions" that Bible detractors love to mention. Until they meet me. Then they just get mad.


No. One genealogy is Mary's descent from David in 40 generations, the average of 4 generations per century. The other genealogy is Joseph's descent from David in 23 generations, his people marrying older. Not a contradiction. Jews DO keep perfect genealogies and the Exilarch in Damascus in Jesus's time was midway through compiling the Talmud begun in 598 BC and completed in 1350 AD. Mary and Joseph were KIN to the Exilarch and NOBODY LYING about that could have lived amongst the JEWS and not been stoned to death. Jesus's contemporaries surrounded the DRAMA of His life very closely and the genealogies scrutinised by scholarly converts during Christ's lifetime. The FIRST generation of His cult drew CONVERTS from Judaism, no small deal, willing to be martyred and give their lives let alone sometimes great wealth to establish the Church. Add Rich and LITERATE Greeks and Romans within the Apistles' lifetimes, which would have been a normal human life span for Jesus. Cheap fake genealogies?


NO. One DNA-test is not capable of providing an accurate genealogy either. You only have 47 bundles of DNA, so of you go back 5 or 6 generations there will have to be ancestors of yours that you didn't inherit any DNA from. What DNA-tests ARE very good at is determining whether two people are biologically parent and child to eachother. If the two share less than 23 chromosomes, they aren't


I don’t think so. Unfortunately we don’t have any known samples of Jesus’ dna to test. The Shroud of Turin *might* contain the dna of Jesus.

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Jesus has no Y-DNA

Sunday Crone

It is impossible to create a genealogy lineage as there is no actual documentation. Also the books of the Bible are believed to have been written at least 100 years after the his death.


Mp. It is inaccurate because Jesus is a fictional character.