Dear americans can you help me about your heitage and ancestry?

what is your heritage?


The only way to know your family history and genealogy (who you are related to) is to do the research or pay someone to do it for you, which can get very expensive very quickly. (Professional genealogists charge on average US$20-$23+ an hour.) Start with yourself and work your way backwards, one generation at a time. Gather up your records, such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable), newspaper articles and clippings regarding some of your accomplishments, journal entries, etc. Do the same for your parents, grandparents, etc You could take a DNA test, but such tests are meant to be a TOOL and not a substitute for proper genealogical research.


You tell us about your ancestry first, troll.


Melting pot. Native American, English, Scottish, Italian, Irish, German, Scandinavian.


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Most white Americans are of Irish English French or welsh ancestory . At least my farther is and he is from America .

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I father side arrived American 1698; they changed; the name to the English equivalent.


Im 1/4 hispanic, 1/4 taino, 1/4 oriental and 1/4 african.


My Mom was German & my Dad was Welsh .............




Melting pot. It is a land of second chances.