Have you ever researched your family tree and how far back to?



family research is a lifetime thing so anyone who tells you they have researched their family tree and completed it is more likely to have purchased a commercial website membership and copied and pasted from other trees... which is not research and not proved and more than likely to just be a collection of unrelated names. NO ONE can research back further than written records suitable for family history purposes were kept, that in the main and in the best recorded countries will be no more than 500 yrs and more likely even in those countries likely to be 200-300 yrs as many records are damaged or do not contain the provable information...... So 30 yrs of researching and back on all lines all proved and cited to the 1750/1800 ..... prior to that back on many lines further up to a couple of centuries BUT not enough original records/or information on them to prove 100% so only 'likely ancestry' and on a couple of lines using property, tax and probate records back another couple of centuries


A relative of mine did some research


Back supposedly 27 generations to Geoffrey Chaucer, which I take with a very large grain of salt since it presumes quite a few women over the past 6+ centuries weren't lying, among other unlikelihoods

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Yes. I went back to 1627 on one line.


Back to the 1600’s on my Granfathers side


1600 to 1900

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Documented members on my Family Chart gord back to middle of the 14th Century


Yes, but the reliable information ends at about 400 years ago.

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Three of four grandparents had fully established geneologies before I was born. My father's father was a direct descendant of George Calvert, Lord Baltimore and my father's mother was his second cousin, so they can be traced back to the founding of Maryland and in England to the Norman Conquest of 1066 AD. My mother's father was also of English ancestry, from a cadet line of the Spencer family that can be traced back to the Plantagenets. My mother's mother was the daughter of Lithuanian Jewish refugees who arrived in 1861. Since the shtetl they came from was exterminated by the SS in 1943 we cannot trace them back any further. There isn't a huge advantage in knowing what your ancestors did. Many of mine were very bad people who I would have avoided in person. Some I would have fought to my dying breath.


Yes. I have about 35,000 people on my tree from researching and building on it over the years. Some branches of my family tree go back more than 1,300 years because I have several branches that are Plantagenet branches. They were not hard to find really since I have several 'gateway ancestors' that were in the previously published Plantagenet Descendant books or just well-to-do people, who often had a lot of information about them made available. So if you got people in the Plantagenet descendant books, or are otherwise known gateway ancestors for the Plantagenet lines, then you're going to be able to go back to Charlemagne, hence 1,300 years, since Charlemagne was born in 742 AD. But in addition to the royal ones, that are able to go back long long time, I have also been able to trace back other branches on my English side all the way back to the 1400's. On my other sides, that are Swedish and Dutch and Swiss and stuff, I haven't gone nearly as far back, one or two branches to the 1600's, but it has been much harder, since those relatives were all much less well-to-do, and mostly farmers, plus the records are harder to read since they're mostly in another language, unless they've been transcribed and translated or something. I also have some American branches that have just become impossible to research, so end in the 1800's. Most of the time, the dead end always is in Tennessee. I guess they've had a lot of fires or Civil War destroyed stuff, not sure, but trying to find any relatives in Tennessee before 1830 is like entering into a genealogical black hole...


No I haven't, I really don't care too much about that.