What's your heritage?

I'm half Danish, half French. On the Danish side I'm related to some 15 year old kid who came over to the new world on a ship in the early 1800's to the USA.


Your heritage is what you inherit and no one is half anything.....sounds like you are American with a family story......research real written records and prove your ancestry and then you will know the reality....


All of my grandparents immigrated from what is now Slovakia.




I have some ancestor who arrived at Jamestown Virginia 1608. That is before the Mayflower settlement. I also have some Jewish ancestry on my mother's side and Irish on my father's. When all my paternal grandmother's sons were home, it was a room full of head waggers. Oh, there is some German on both sides. There is also a little French Huguenot. Also a Choctaw great great grandmother on my mother's side.


a little bit of everything around the world, maybe even some off planet, who knows?


British..Half Welsh,quarter English and quarter Irish....I identify as Welsh (that is from WALES if need to look at a map...) as is what I am, and British of course as a UK citizen....


I dont even know lol. All i know is that i am half filipino, a little bit of both chinese and spanish.


my parents and grandparents are english. my mother was born in singapore and I was bout up in hong kong and now lie in england. My wife and children are chinese


Mostly German

Matthew A

Japanese. In fact I was born in Japan.




i am Ashkenazi Jewish


Polish, Slovakian, Lithuanian


So far I have verified a lot of Scots Irish, and English and a smattering of German and Scandinavian. Anecdotally I have been told there is a lot of native american on my maternal grandfather's side but due to illegitimacy on that side, I haven't been able to trace it to a particular tribe. My grandfather and mother looked every bit the native american, though. I am hoping I can save enough to do the DNA spit thing and get a report one day, but times are tough financially.

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british of spanish descent of spain.


Timeshare touts seem to think it is German when I'm on holiday in Spain. I respond in French and tell them I am Canadian, then they go away! I'm a Brit ...


I'm American


i don't have heritage,everything should deep on myself


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