What are some good websites to find old family photos from?

I'm working on my family tree, and for the life of me I just cannot find any photos regarding my ancestors and the like. I'd really like to add these, but I'm at a loss. I pay for Ancestry, yet all there are are photos of headstones. I've tried getting photos from my grandparents, but most of the photos they've had have been lost to time or accidents. Also, I do have some noteworthy people in my tree, and I still can't find photos of them either. I don't really want to have to spend more money to get photos, but if it's a really good website, I will. Any ideas are welcomed. Thanks!

Lisa A

Only your family will have old photos of your family.


Best place to ask is your family and extended family as those are the people who take photos, espeically the older members who will all have photo albums.......... also while you are asking, also ask what else they can tell you, if they/ you ancestor was part of any club, what school did they attend, both could produce photos..... reality is websites have not been around that long only about 3 decades and 99% of photos will not be online on any website unless someone has scanned and uploaded them ......... the internet is really a very poor option for photos of YOUR family... the family is the best option

Sunday Crone

There are several websites like Ancestry or Family Search, however, if someone has not already put the pictures you are looking for on the site the pictures are just not available to copy.

Ted Pack

Ancestry.com is the best place. Some of the family trees have them, some don't. Next would be findagrave.com. About 5% of the entries have portraits. There are an awful lot of tombstone pictures, though. After that, try Google images with what is called "exact phrase" search, which uses quotation marks: "Thomas Alva Edison" "Thomas A Edison" "Thomas Edison" Note all three are different, to a computer, and you have to use quotation marks ("), not apostrophes ('). I wish you well, but I fear you are going to be disappointed.


Have you checked with the Mormon genealogical library? They have extensive records not just on Mormons. Notable ancestors might have portraits but rinsing onesmfor random predecessors is a matter of luck.


Until someone puts them up on the Internet, a trip to your family attic is a good place to start.


Try FamilySearch. Also, ask your aunts and uncles. If your grandparents have living siblings, ask them.


Nope, sorry, it isn't that easy. If your known relatives don't have photos, including living relatives you might have found on ancestry but have never met, it requires a lot of time consuming research and money and LUCK to find photos. Newspaper archives are the first places to start. High school and college yearbooks stored in school and public libraries and private hands are another good source. The archives of employers that still exist often have newsletter photos. Civic organizations and clubs your ancestors may have joined are a possible source. So are military organizations and archives, and even church archives. As said, it takes a lot of time, effort, luck, and / or money to achieve your goal. A family Genealogy is a lifetime endeavor, not something you can bang together with minimal effort.


check the noteworthy on Wikipedia and Google, look at any bibliographic materials cited as they may have photos. Check with other relatives, such as grandparents' siblings If you can identify schools attended, search for yearbooks