Ok so I was on researching my family and needed a little help. On my tree i have Mary (tudor) Todd, born in 1575. Her father was owen ap tudor, born around 1550, the brother of Katherine of Berain and her mother is unknown. Owen's parents are robert fychan ap tudor and his mother is suspected to be jane velville, daughter of roland velville and agnes Griffith. Does anyone know any more info about these people or if this is all correct?


Seems llike you are copying and pasting from online trees and not researching at all........... research means finding real records and proving each and every person "Katherine of Berain " Katherine Tudor's parents were Robert Vychan/Jane Velville however you need to prove each and every person from you back 500 yrs and I KNOW you have not done that

Ted Pack

You could message the person who has those individuals on their tree and ask them for sources. If the source is "Ancestry Family Trees", they are suspect. The biggest mistake people make in our little hobby is assuming all Ancestry users are careful researchers. Some of them are, but others don't even have common sense, let alone research skills. If you poke around, it won't take you long to find people dying in 1881 and appearing on the census in 1900. There are other mistakes.