Looking for my husbands birth parents. If records are closed how do you find?


Sunday Crone

If adoption records are sealed; he could try DNA. or check one of the many face book that are for people searching for their natural parents.

Ted Pack

Depending on the state, he may be able to get a court order to unseal his adoption records. If you Google "Adoption registry" plus the state he was born in, you may find one or more. How they work is the adoptee enters their date of birth, down to the hour, and place of birth - state, county, city, hospital - race or ethnicity, sex and an e-mail address. IF (that's a big if) their birth mother is looking for them and finds the entry, she writes to the e-mail. Some have an internal messaging system, where they keep the e-mail private and the mom clicks on a "contact" button. Be wary; if someone answers and says she needs bus fare to come and meet him, it's probably a scam. He could post a picture of himself on Facebook with the details of his birth, as above, and a message saying he was looking for his birth mother. I see one of those every 2 - 3 months. He could take a DNA test and hope he had a half-sibling who also took it. He has an edge, being male; we men inherit our Y chromosome from our fathers intact, so it is identical to the Y chromosome of our brothers, first cousins on our father's side, father, paternal grandfather and so on. It isn't 100% identical because making a baby isn't as accurate as, for instance, crafting a Rolex watch, but if he matches another male on 115 points, chances are he's related and he may be able to figure out who his dad is. (I say may because if he finds a second cousin, said second cousin may not know anything.) None of these are sure-fire save the adoption records, and if he does get them unsealed there is a good chance the father will be "Unknown". I wish him well.


I’m looking for my birth parents as well. Honestly use social media, that’s how my friend found hers and she knew nothing either. Good luck.