What does French surname RENAUD mean?

Renaud is the surname of one of my best buddies since childhood. Is Renaud French occupational or habitational surname? What does French surname RENAUD mean? Is RENAUD one of the most common surname like Smith, White, Brown and Miller and Johnson?

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Neither. Renaud is a French male personal name of Germanic origin, as Maxi says; it's the equivalent of English Reginald/Reynold and Scottish Ronald/Ranald. So as a surname it meant 'son of Renaud'. Lisa has it the wrong way round. Renaud (or 'Reynard' in England) was a personal name given to the fox, just as the wren was traditionally called 'Jenny Wren', the male cat was 'Tom Cat', the male donkey was 'Jack ***', the redbreast was 'Robin Redbreast' and the goat couple were 'Billy and Nanny (= Anne) Goat'. And this nickname for the fox eventually became the everyday word in French, just as 'robin' (originally a pet-form of 'Robert') is now the everyday word in English for the red-breasted thrush. According to behindthename, it's the 92nd commonest surname in France. So, while it's not stunningly common. it's a perfectly standard name.


Renaud surname comes from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements "ragin," meaning "counsel," and "wald," meaning "rule."

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Lisa A

No. It is an animal name. It means Fox.