Is it worth getting a DNA test if Asian?

Looks like currently DNA ancestry test thingies only provide details for those with European ancestry and Asians and other people of color tend to lack detail in their DNA results, so should I wait it out before trying it out?


i have hear Wegene is a good genetic test ,that specializes in Asians. My specializes in the Jewish community


They have to start somewhere. Getting what you describe about White people wasn't pulled straight outta their anus but was accumulated and pieced together by millions of Whites participating. If no Asians contribute their DNA to the knowledge bank because they are all waiting for it to be complete first then it never will be. You all can wait forever and the knowledge bank will remain forever empty. Common Sense should tell you that if you are intelligent at all for where is the information to come from if you never get tested.


What do you want to test? Paternity? go for it. ancestry? there are no genes for ethnicity or nationality, just markers that you share with some of your distant cousins. Every asian that takes the "ancestry"- test will contribute to the database of the company they take it with


If you want to be entertained and are willing to pay for it, then you know what you are purchasing and that goes for anyone/anywhere...the ONLY way to know who your ancestors were and where they came from is to research writtwn records to prove your ancestry...


Not true. DNA tests are 99% accurate.