My grandpa was James Decker from Los Angelas Ca and I am trying to find out my grandma's maiden name?



Ask your parent who was their child what their mothers maiden name was

Ted Pack

Here are some men named James Decker whose LR on the SSDI was Los Angeles County. Two of them have LR Los Angeles itself. Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Last Residence (City, County, State) James H. Decker, 10 Jun 1938, 4 Feb 2007, Long Beach, Los Angeles, California James Decker, 21 Aug 1895, Aug 1973, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California James W. Decker, 6 Jun 1917, 14 Feb 1992, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California James E. Decker, 5 Jan 1918, 8 Apr 1991, Malibu, Los Angeles, California James Decker, 4 Feb 1932, 13 Dec 1978, Pasadena, Los Angeles, California If one looks familiar, post a second question with his birth and death dates and someone may be able to help you. Most of us regulars don't look at questions we've seen before, so adding details to your original Q would not work. Last Residence isn't always the death place. Often it is, but, to take an extreme example, if you lived in Malibu but died on a safari in Kenya, Malibu would be your LR.

Sunday Crone

Check their marriage license or the birth certificate of one of her children