Wanted to ask i have 2 grammas and i need help i have 7 cousin that a black and 2 mixed are those cousin relteted not bye blood?



You are related to them if you share a common ancestor. What do you call a cousin? A lot of people mistakenly call their cousins' cousins as their cousin even though they don't share a common ancestor. Example: You have an Uncle Billy who is your father's brother. He is married to Aunt Sally who isn't related to you by blood at all. Their children are related to you since Uncle Billy is your father's brother. However, the children that are related to their children and only the ones that come down from Uncle Billy's side of the family are your cousins. The one that come down from Aunt Sally aren't related to you at all unless some place back down the line you share a common ancestor. This was explained to me when I was a small child. My cousins have cousins that aren't related to me at all and some are. According to how they fit in the picture.

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Please proofread before you sent your questions out.

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Almost everyone has two grandmothers. The only people who do not are children who are the result of a brother having sex with his sister. This is a crime called incest. Your 7 black cousins are probably not related to your 2 mixed cousins. I say "probably" because you didn't say who their parents were. Your cousins on your mother's side are all related to each other, somehow. Your cousins on your father's side are all related to each other, somehow. In each case they are siblings, half siblings or first cousins. Your cousins on your father's side are not related to your cousins on your mother's side, usually. If your parents are cousins, then your cousins on each side are related to each other.


Everyone has two Grandmothers...one partneral one maternal. Your cousins both sides, however partnernal and maternal cousins of yours are not related in any way to each other


You need to work on your English. Most people have two grandmothers. Having different skincolours does not make you less related. If you have a "mixed" parent you can have a different skincolour than your brother or sister.


Please don't post your questions until you've read and double-checked them. I can't be bothered reading illiterate rubbish like this.

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There is no way for any one on this site to tell you. I would suggest that you go to a public library and do Genealogical research on your family.


Solve it, you will improve

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Well, I wish you hadn't asked. Jesus!