What am I ?

I was told my grandmothers grandparents were Native American but he was forced to register as a black man because of the color of his pitch dark skin

Ted Pack

You have a family legend which may or may not be true. Several hundred hours of research, spread out over as many nights and weekends as you choose, would tell you what your great great grandfather registered as. A DNA test would tell you, broadly speaking, what percentage of your DNA is or isn't Native American.


An American with a family story who has not researched or proved your ancestry


Look for records which may indicate which tribe he was supposedly a member of and take it from there.


Many African Americans lived with Native American communities, especially in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.


I don't know if any of us here can know. Is the family legend correct? Only records will show that or maybe a DNA test. You have to do some research.

Anna E

Were you aware that Native Americans kept black slaves but at some point these blacks became members of the tribe. It is possible that his blood lines are actually black rather than native american.


You might be part Native American or you might be part African American. It was common decades ago for people to claim Native American ancestry to explain a dark-skinned ancestor. It was just more acceptable to be part Cherokee or whatever than to be part black. The only way to know for sure is to do the research or take a DNA test.


“Bit of this, anna bit of that.”


Your nationality is whatever your passport says your ethnicity is whatever language and culture you were raised in Citizenship is the right to vote and run for office



Sunday Crone

I had a family history story about being Native American. In an attempt to prove or eliminate the story, I had DNA testing done (twice) one test revealed Native American and the other didn't so. In many years of research, I have found no indication that any one was ever "FORCED" to register as Native American or as Black.


You decide your own identity.If you want to be legally considered Native American in the USA consult the tribe you might belong to for their membership rules


Research that Grandparents ancestry. It he registered, they is a record of that and it shows what he was done at that time.


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I'm not totally sure, but if the best way to know is well, to purchase the ancestry dna kit, the both sexes version or 23 chromosome version one which will read all aspects of your DNA strands and give you a pie chart on the percentage of where you are from and all.


Take a DNA test.




take a DNA test to know for sure


You are still part Native American