Can I still join the debate team despite having bad stage fright?



You are not debating the audience, or even the opposing debate team. You and they are debating a premise or an issue. This is something both abstract and vital. You learn to "argue" in the legal meaning of the term, so that with calms heads and voices, you can convince others that the position you have taken us in fact, proven to be the better path. Yes, there will be times when you are assigned to support a position that you personally do not support. This does not place you in a moral hotspot - it is a device to teach you HOW TO ARGUE - and will also assist you in learning to respect both sides of the issue. I taught choral music for decades. I asked the Guidance to give me the name of students who had a study hall the same time. I was looking for loners, no confidence, shy. Most had never been in a club or on a team - but I toldthem that we were looking for people to help us BLEND better - every voice made us all better. I like to think i helped those people the most.


You can apply - but whether or not you'll ever manage to say anything aloud is another matter!

Queen Sugar

Of course! Your fears do not decide what you can or cannot do. Good luck!

Pearl L

i dont see why not, that nnight help you get over it

Sir Caustic

Sure. You can hide behind the normal people with a "hunted" look on your face, and edge slowly towards the exit while making squeaking noises.