Do i have to buy a guitar to learn how to play?

I want to learn how to play the guitar and i already chose to play thr electric one. I wanted to know whether i should just find a tutor that can borrow me theirs or just buy a guitar so i can get accustomed to it. Please help (Btw, i am aware that most people start with the classic but i decided to learn what im motivated to play)

Robert J

Yes, you do need one. The biggest part of learning is just practice, every day, hours every week. Unless you are planning 5 - 10 hours of lessons every week, the only way to get the "hands-on" time you need is with your own guitar. Get one from a shop so they can make sure it is setup properly for you. Many cheap ones have the strings set too high which makes them difficult to play. That can be because the frets are not properly finished and levelled, so the strings have to be high to stop them catching on the wrong frets. Getting it from a shop means any silly problems like that can be fixed before you receive it, while a mail order one may not be very playable...

Tony B

Yes you'll need a guitar of your own. I suppose you might find a tutor that would rent one out to you but its not likely and what would be the point? A "classic guitar" isn't a type of guitar. I think you mean a classical guitar. It's certainly NOT true that most people learn on a classical guitar. If you want to learn on electric, that's fine. Remember you'll need to buy an amplifier too.


Yes, you need your own guitar. Your teacher will give you homework that you will need to practice every day between lessons. >>Btw, i am aware that most people start with the classic...<< That's just not true. Most people start either with an electric guitar or with a steel string acoustic guitar.


Yes, I don't think it's really possible to learn without having one.


In order to be proficient, you need to practice. In order to practice, you need your own instrument. So yes, BUY A GUITAR!


Imagination is a super powerful weapon. With enough of it I think you can quickly learn how to play the guitar without ever physically having one. Depending on your imagination skills it can take anywhere from 5 minutes to years to learn with just your mind.


You should buy your own guitar.

Jimmy C

I would save the money by not getting a tutor and spend it on a guitar. You can find hundreds of free tutors on Youtube.

Enough Trolls

You have to have something to practice on for anhour a day (minimum)


Watch youtube videos.


It would be advised. If you learn in school you can borrow school guitars for the lessons but you're not gonna get anywhere if you can't practice in your spare time. If you're not sure about it yet grab a cheap one from Home Bargains or second hand or something, then save up

Old Man Dirt

No you don't have to buy one or borrow one- you can make one!