Does anyone else think that sex feels good for the simple fact that if it weren't, we would eventually die of extinction?

Before asking any question on Y!A, I google search it to see if I can get the answer on my own. After several minutes of browsing through random links, I found no information regarding this idea of sex. Am I the only one that thinks of sex this way? As of now, humans and dolphins are the only animals that I know of that can enjoy sex. All other animals do it simply because it's in their nature to do it, it's all instinct to them.


It stands to reason that the only creatures that have evolved are the ones that enjoyed reproduction. If they didn't they would have soon died out along the way.


Yeah, it's like claiming "breathing is good for you". I guess there is no need to state the obvious.


Pleasure and pain are the opposite sides of the same coin, related in that both are sensed in the same way, through the same sensory mechanism. Pain is the accidental situation of pleasure where the system has either gone wrong or the pleasure itself has crashed out of bounds of normality. It is like a motorway terrific system, where everything can be running smoothly, or there can be an accident, or there can be way too much terrific to cause an otherwise nicely functioning system all jammed up. Where pain is the punishment, pleasure is the reward the comes along all functions that any healthy animal organism naturally performs, including having sex, eating, breathing, resting, moving about, exerting and even as in case of humans thinking. Without a current of pleasure, however slight, running deeper in the mind boredom, exhaustion and eventual inability to be able to do anything will be the outcome. Consider for instance eating, experiment eating something, however wholesome and nutritious, but without agreeable colour, texture and taste. A sexually capable and active mind, as for instance that of a teenager, remains drenched in sexually pleasure, as for instance, being virile, being full of fantasies, while anticipating and waiting. A sexually active mind always tries to maximise its pleasure to the climax of its ability. Sexual desire, with its anticipation of pleasure, often clouds the mind, making it insensitive to most considerations and regards, specifically to the fact is sexual act is a low and dirty business. Without an enormous amount of pleasure to choke the mind, sex would be a disgusting act, that no one would be able to perform or feeling inclined even to think about. Where there is no pleasure, persistence will only bring out the pain.

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Well, it's a strange act, really, if you think about it - if it didn't feel good, I suspect we wouldn't do it nearly as much - maybe not at all.


The first book of the Bible reveals that it was God who created humans as both “male and female.” God declared his creation to be “very good.” (Genesis 1:27, 31) The facts show that in addition to making reproduction possible, God created the sexual organs in a way that allows a married couple to express their love and affection for each other in a mutually pleasurable way. Such relations can fill the physical and emotional needs of a man and woman who are in a warm and intimate relationship.


No we wouldn't be extinct because of that. Many animals live to just make the strongest offspring they can manage to produce. The have "sex" for like a second or two than focus on raising their offspring.