If the Vietcong and Nazi Germany were to have an open field battle with eachother, who would win and why?



The Viet Cong didn't fight that way. It's a pointless hypothetical.


The Vietcong would never fight that way. They were not stupid.


Hard to say when the Vietcong were getting advanced weapons from Russia, which would definitely outmatch the Nazis.


The Nazis would turn up, but there would be no one to fight. However they would have immense difficulty leaving because those pesky VC would be picking them off, bit by bit.


When one force believes in throwing booby trapped babies and the other side live grenades it is hardly an even match. The Nazi's would have just leveled the towns, shot all the residents and then set up concentration camps for Jews they no longer wanted to house in Europe! The resistance movement against the Japanese occupation forces was still active when Japan Surrendered. The Japanese had a good portion of it's military tied up with protecting Japan and attempting to stop the drive to capture that Island nation. But the small military force in occupied indo-china was holding it's own. It was only when a country tired to fight a "civilized war" that the Vietcong had the advantage. The Nazi Germany army had no problems with trying to be civilized when it came to a hostile civilian population. They butchered whole towns in the USSR to get blood to use in an attempt to save wounded Germans.


The open field.


Armored battalions against Soviet throw away?


I think Nazi Germany would win because of superior man power and equipment.


The Heer would tear them apart.

jeffrey f

The Vietcong would win. They knew how to fight guerrilla warfare and they beat the United States in the Vietnam War. They could have beaten Nazi Germany.


The nazi could win they have the Waffen SS, an all-round elite unit.