Is it weird people say they hate hunters and butchers for killing animals.?

Right after eating hot dogs hamburgers and other meats at a party the day before.


its weird to ask a question like this in a COOKING category. Take it philosophy section.


Yes, but I'm sure animal rights adherents don't do that. They're more loyal to their cause that they are to human rights.


The same vegetarians and vegans, etc., that are oh-so concerned with animal treatment seem to take no issue with the muslame practice of halal. Ironic?! You know, they are all about womens rights but support the muslames right to practice sharia law. The same vegetarians who think its wrong to kill an animal seem to take no issue with eating eggs. Unless you think an egg isnt a "real animal", but that means they support abortion too. The same liberals who think its wrong to capital punish a serial murderer, rapist, molester, have no quarrel with killing an innocent baby in the womb. The same liberals who take issue with the dehumanization of slaves are perfectly fine dehumanizing the fetus so that they are justified in doing what they want to it. The vegetarians that dont want to kill take no issue with eating plants, even though plants die in the process. Especially when uprooted, such as potatoes and the like. I always wondered how vegetarians would feel if they could hear the screams of the plants. The same vegans who eat soy remain oblivious to the countless numbers of animals, birds, rodents, etc., that are killed just to maintain and preserve the soy crops. They will sooner throw out meat, which is a waste of life, rather than eat it and make use of it. If no one eats it, it will be thrown away to the dump. Grocers toss quite a bit of meat away as is, and that is the greater sin. The same animal rights activists will feed their carnivorous pets vegan diets to their own detriment, to poor health and even death and disease; willfully obstinate to the fact that animals need the meats they evolved to eat. Humans too, which is why vegans themselves suffer poor health and weakness. They will send strays to PETA and similar for-profit politicized charities where they are probably put down within hours, with no effort put into finding rightful owners or new homes. These are the same activists that will destroy damns, tanks, and other infrastructure that is perfectly well maintained, just to cause environmental disasters, just so that they can "prove a point" about the need for environmentalism. These are the sorts of people who build wind farms, despite the noise pollution and the many birds it kills. Not to mention the number of trees that have to be leveled - and animals displaced - to make space for it all. And its not even particularly efficient or reliable. These are the sorts of people who buy electric cars, even though the carbon footprint is in many instances greater, not just in the manufacturing and distribution, but also in the lifelong maintenance and repair. Never mind the fact that these electric cars are probably charged on local power plants like oil or gas anyway. Its all for one of two things. Virtue signalling and a sense of moral superiority. And political power.


No. It's called hypocrisy


it's inconsistent, but quite common

Ackiller J

Not weird. As a human, I experience inner conflicts every single day.