What is the drive to ones need to be constantly absorbing new experiences?

Be it food, geography, people, culture, etc. I see it in history as adventurous and the will to learn, but now it feels like superficiality and is spurred on by a lack of meaning internally. Thoughts?


If one balances caring and championing one's inner child--the true self, the soul--with ad-ult guiding of same (i.e., one's maturing self guiding inner child to the ultimates of realization, and also healing childish fear, greed, etc.--essentially what good parenting provides and does), then the higher mastering of novel and more advanced fields is fruitful (cf parable of trees of the Garden). If the childish habits of greed, restlessness, need for stimulation, etc. are "in control" even as the ad-ult acquiesces to such "cult of dea-th" (death of the Mother, Mater, Dea), then dysfunction, psychologistic complexes, etc. usurp, and the soul even begins to dress itself in drab or dark garments, listen to metal, abuse substances, etc. This behavior sadly typifies declining societies, whether in the era of Moses' "golden calf," Dostoevsky's Mother Russia, Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Germany, or even in the USA (i.e., no nation or people is above this type of sowing and reaping). As Alfred North Whitehead noted, it is most difficult for thinkers to discern the more general ambiances. If one finds such decline, it is well and wise to draw one's cloak more closely about oneself. Related: "From Dawn to Decadence;" "When Hitler Took Cocaine and Lenin Lost His Brain;" "The Path of the Higher Self."


It could be a lack of meaning, which leads to bouncing between experiences but not finding any of them fulfilling. To me a desire for new experiences and adventure seems very meaningful. It depends on the thoughts and feelings of the person, which could change over time.