What is the most important factor for being happy and success? Is that effort?



Work at creating something, whether with one's hands or with the mind. The least likely way to lead to happiness is to wait until one's "dream job" or activity becomes available since, 99+% of the time, this is a pure fantasy.


love and hope.....Knowing the fact that you are being loved ....HOPE : One of the motivation for most of us are the desires and dreams, which we want to fulfil. Hope makes you believe that things are going to be al-right and you just have to wait for the right moment and be patience. Hope drives you to become what you want to be from what you are right now. Hope gives you strength to face whatever is coming in front of you. And when you are able to face the challenges, you feel confident and happy from within.

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An attitude of gratitude.


Being able and willing to accept yourself and your environment as they are is essential to being happy and successful.


Planned efforts such as Abraham Maslow point to bring types of happiness and success: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow's_hierarchy_of_needs Also, family love is another important factor: "For Couples Only," "Finding a Higher Love." And, love of God is good (your favorite tradition, inspiring books like the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series, "The Path of the Higher Self," "The Yoga of Nutrition." This book is generally helpful: "101 Things Every Young Adult Should Know" by Sir John Hawkins.

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No, it is TRUTH. What is not in accord with Truth can never be an ultimate good


Starting with low expectations.