Best acting agencies in nyc?



You need to ask your acting teacher or someone you've worked with and impressed (like a director, producer, or even a fellow actor). That's how you normally get an agent, through a referral. Getting one through cold-querying is beyond rare. Since you're asking this question, and you're referring to those agencies as "acting agencies", I'm going to assume you're nowhere near ready for an agent and going to professional auditions for professional work. This is something you learn in a quality acting school, from well-known instructors. That's also the kind of training agents look for. They look for a strong resume which showcases many years of acting training from a quality acting school as well as acting workshops, summer camps, etc. In addition, years of experience in the form of student and indie films, as well as community theater. Ideally, it should also showcase lots of leading roles you've landed and awards you've won for your acting. In addition, special skills like dancing and singing. If you don't have all of that under your belt, you're not ready for an agent. No legit agent takes on beginners or amateurs, only highly-trained and highly-experienced people. If you're asking about theater, then you don't need an agent. Just audition. But experience and training are pretty much a must if you want to land roles.


The best talent agencies don't accept applications - they head-hunt really good, established actors from smaller agencies. But read the answer from 'Anonymous'. It's right. Recommendations are the best way, and even then you'd need many years of training and experience before any legit agency would consider you.


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