Can Anne of Green Gables / Anne with an E have braided curly hair?

I am doing this for a pageant and my talent is a monologue of Anne. However, I realized I would need to curl my hair to spice up my look but I would need to braid it for this monologue. For the superfans of Anne, would that pass if you were judging me or not? I want to portray an accurate representation of her character but don't want points taken off. (If it helps I do not have her red/orange hair) Also, she has straight braided hair in the series.


When braided, I'm not sure how on stage you would be able to tell. I mean, the only place you'd be able to see any curl would be the little bit at the very ends of the braids after where they're wrapped.


It should be fine. If this is really bothering you, though, you could try getting a wig.