I live in Europe.When I tell people I want to go to Hollywood and study acting they laugh at me.I will have the money to do so?

Why do they make fun of me ??


They laugh because you're being very unrealistic. It's very hard to get to the USA in any capacity. You'd need work permits, green cards, etc. And Hollywood is where they make movies - not where one goes to train as an actor. If you want to be an actor, you'd need to study for many years, get loads of stage experience, then get an agent and work as a professional actor - ALL in your own country. Then, if your agent was very good he might be able to get you auditions for work in the USA - but to be honest, that's very unlikely.


Probably, think you're joking? Performing arts schools are in New York.


No one “studies” acting in america


You really need to look into this very carefully. Probably, as Cogito says, you would be much better off learning to be an actor in Europe - especially if you have enough money to fund your studies.


you should study in New Jersey

Pop Ice

There is a huge amount of subsidised theatre across Europe, and none whatever in the USA. Being a bad actor didn't stop Shwarzenegger, sometimes screen presence is sufficient.


You would seriously need to work on your command of the English language.


Isn't that like every story ever. They always laugh at people with their own passion. They said x rays were a hoax, that a heavier than air plane could never actually fly, and that computers for home use wouldn't even sell, and the ones that would would have few uses, and that UFOs and Jesus were just silly, but.they were wrong