What do you like about musicals?



The music has a lot to do with it. Odd, that ...


They're fun!


The whole production. I prefer something like West Side Story to Mamma Mia.


The full companionship of the entire cast and crew making something more majestic than you can ever imagine. Even if you don't like musicals or theatre in general, there is something awe-inspiring about seeing a number flash in your eyes while you are sitting there in the seats and humming along without even knowing it. And, when you are actually projecting that musical number yourself and receive one of the biggest applause known to man, it is one of the best feelings a performer could ever feel. The absolute best part, though, of a musical, are just the memories and friends you will make with many people. They start out being strangers, then they grow to almost being your closest friends. When you all realize that you came together and put something up for audiences to watch, which took you about three or four months to build, and it comes down to saying goodbye to those to new people, it will hit you very hard. It's where you have the post-show blues, and it's more depressing than you would think. Musicals are a very personal and subjective experience, but it is also an experience that will build you up as a person. There have been many great stories that have come out of a musical, or theatre play, and those stories, no matter how big or small they are, really give you a sense of relate-ability and humanity that you never knew you had before. Musicals are amazing, and I consider them the "Super Bowl" for an actor. Plus, singing the songs are actually special in of themselves. :)


Quoting from "Something Rotten!" "Song and Dance and sweet romance and happy endings happening by happenstance...."


fake music actors and singing


the songs




Musical drama is a mature example of commercial drama


Musical drama is a mature example of commercial drama

PawełK1986: music

music :-)


The End


Musical drama is a mature example of commercial drama




They’re okay