I don’t know if acting is for me.. do I love it or do I just want it for the fame?

I’ve always known I’ve wanted to do something in my life really special, not just sit in an office all day and plug in numbers. I got more and more fascinated with acting but I don’t have the guts or confidence to do it.. ik ik “just try it” but the theater kids are really mean and I just don’t know how to progress. Tbh I don’t even know if acting is for me... if it’s something I love to do or something I see for fame and that’s the real problem.


Almost everyone feels that they want to do something special in their life. That's perfectly normal. But acting as a career isn't anything like most people imagine. Yes, you do need guts or confidence to act, but you'd also need many years of high quality training and loads of stage experience just to make a start. The idea that 'theater kids are really mean' is not always true. I'm sure some are, but most community theatres are great places for making friends and learning the art. Until you'd had a couple of years' training and have acted on stage a few times, you couldn't possibly know if it would suit you as a career OR as a hobby. It's hard work and it takes dedication, loads of energy, courage, resilience, intelligence and, of course, real talent. But if you really imagine that you will ever be famous, you're kidding yourself. It's the worst possible reason to try to get into acting. Even after maybe seven to 12 years of training and performing in unpaid plays and short films, right up to university/college standard, the best that 99% of aspiring actors will ever get is maybe ten days' paid acting work a year, in small roles, in small productions. And fame is the worst possible outcome. Most actors do anything they can to avoid it! Be realistic and honest with yourself. If you're imagining red carpets, fancy parties, wealth and signing autographs - forget it.


Yup, fame is the problem. Most actors NEVER get there. And, if you can't get along with 'mean' theater kids, just think how 'well' you will do with REAL Live meanies, like agents, producers, and directors. Find something else.


Mean kids aside, do you enjoy theater? If not, then acting is not for you. If you do, either finds a different theater. Or, better yet, suck it up because in life - and especially in acting - you will work side by side with "mean kids". If that makes you doubt your goal to act, then acting is not for you. Secondly, take acting classes. See if you enjoy the CRAFT of acting, every aspect of it. If you don't, then acting is not for you. Third, audition for student and indie films. If you don't enjoy it and/or you can't handle it - including the process and even the rejection, then acting is not for you. There's nothing wrong with wanting fame or wanting to be special. But if you're going to pursue something, you GOTTA have real passion for it. In this case, a real passion for the CRAFT of acting. And you GOTTA be realistic. You can't base it on some fantasy of what you THINK it's like. The reality of acting is VERY different from what people imagine. So, forth, do your homework. Research the business side of acting. Then ask yourself if this sounds like something you'd like to try and if it's something you're CAPABLE of pursuing professionally - including financially. Either way, accept the fact that the chances of you becoming famous through anything in the entertainment worlds are so so so slim. 99% of professional actors don't get more than a few minor roles, on minor productions, their entire career. That and the fact that it takes about a decade of hard work before any legit agent will be willing to consider you means you WILL need a day job this way or another. If those facts discourage you, then acting is not for you. That's how you'll know. But honestly, it sounds like deep down you know acting is not for you.


The only way to know is to try it. If the theater kids at school are "mean", go outside the school. There are normally multiple community theaters in any city. They offer plays that use actors of all ages, so you can get a part where you are not at the mercy of other kids/teens. But also have adults and others to keep an eye on things. If you are shy to go on stage the first time, go to an audition and volunteer to work backstage. There is just as much magic in creating a show as being in it. Help to build the set, decorate the set, select costumes, run sound or lights, help with hair and make up, stage direct, where help to make sure that people get on and off stage on cue, etc. The theater kids are "mean" to you because you are an outside. It is like any group, you have to get inside it to be accepted. Backstage is a great way to do that. Or getting experience elsewhere (community theater.) Also if you do non-school theater, you will often encounter members of the school theater group. This is a chance to make friends with them when they are not part of a group.


I’m a threater kid, and I’d consider myself fairly nice, tho I’m rly loud. Anyways there is no harm in trying local community theatre to see if you like it. Also you might find that theater kids arnt actually mean, just very sarcastic, loud, and expressive . 🤗( lol that was weird I’m sry lol)


Better question is are you any good at it. It seems not.

John P

Sorry, no time to read your whole spiel. You can always try acting by joining a local drama club ("community theatre" in the USA). That way you could get a feel for the whole business of production of a stage show, even if you were not offered a part in the first production after you joined.