If the production company handles transportation after u audition and get the job will they also provide for you a place to stay for filming?



What do you mean AFTER you audition? Do you mean if you win it? Normally an actor needs to pay for all his or her own expenses, transport included, unless his agent has negotiated for the company to pay. And also, normally, the actor has to arrange and pay for accommodation as well. They sometimes provide a food truck on set but again, the actors often have to pay for it. You really need to discuss this with your agent.


No one, ever, offers you transportation to or from auditions. You need to get there and back home on your own and at your own expense. As for providing a place to stay, only big productions that last for a long time (like big movies and TV shows) and/or shoot somewhere way outside of LA (or NYC, depending on the company and its location) sometimes provide a trailer - but only to the big stars or regulars. If your role is minor and/or you live close by, then it's just like the auditions transportation. You live in your own house and (drive) to work every morning. There's a reason why you need to live in LA (or NYC as a secondary option) if you want to work as a professional actor. The entire industry is there, and so are the jobs. You need to be where the job is.


Only if one happens to be a major star with an agent and a contract. For you, no.


Depends on the production. If they are taking you somewhere that is hours away from "home" so that it is not practical for you to travel between the set and home, they will usually provide lodging. If they do not, the standard is to "gypsy" it where someone rents a room and 20 people cram into it anywhere they can and share the cost between them (a few dollars each.) Some companies will provide you with a "living allowance". This is a set amount of money for you to use for lodging (meals, etc.) but you have to find the lodging yourself. (Again, any actors will "gypsy" to reduce the cost to them.) Each job is different and they will tell you if and how they provide lodging. If the shot is "local" they will not provide lodging.


they nnight, ive worked in resorts and they gave us housing, if you really want to know for sure just call thenn up and ask thenn