What happens at an audition at a drama school and how is the audition process different to a university?



I only know about those in the UK - and I don't know where you live. Here, they're all different. A rough guide would be that you'd sign in, wait until your name is called and either perform your first monologue in front of everyone or in a separate room with just the audition panel. You have to keep to the times you're given - if they say two minutes, they mean it. If you go over, they're likely to stop you. They may or may not ask you to perform a second one. They may ask you to sing one of your prepared songs. They may send you to a dance choreographer and follow a routine on your own or with the other candidates. They may - and probably will - interview you about yourself and about the play(s) you chose, so always make sure you've read them and understood them thoroughly. They may also quiz you about your health, finances and how you're going to afford to stay for three years. Universities are rather less formal and don't worry so much about the finances.

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