I heard that Hollywood looks for actors who experienced bullying because this experience evokes amazing performances.?

I was heavily bullied.Should I try acting because I suspect I m good?


I don't know where you heard that, but there's no way. This is a BUSINESS, no one's in this to make your dreams come true. Studios only audition and hire highly-experienced and highly-trained professional actors who are represented by the best agents in town and are members of SAG-AFTRA, and only after many rounds of auditions. Agents only take on highly-experienced and highly-trained people too, not amateurs or beginners. You can't just show up to auditions for professional work, they are not open to the general public. The truth is, you have nothing to offer. Professional actors ARE good. They CAN evoke amazing performances, otherwise they wouldn't have managed to get enough experience and leading roles to be able to get an agent in the first place. The difference is they know what they're doing - and that's what studios look for. So no studio will hire some random people just based on their talent or their life experiences. There's much more to acting and acting jobs than you think. There's a reason it takes a long time and a lot of hard work *just* to be considered by legit agent and going to auditions. If you want to try, go ahead. But "suspecting you're good" doesn't cut it. You need to KNOW you're good. Not just that though. You need to know you even enjoy the CRAFT of acting, every aspect of it, and if you're even capable of pursuing it professionally, including financially. So first you'd need to research the business side of it. Learn the realities of pursuing an acting career. The reality is VERY different from what people imagine and you might be in love with the fantasy of what you THINK it's like. If you're a minor, your parents must be involved and research with you. Secondly, get into some local acting classes, something low key just to get a sense of it and to find out if it's even for you. After that, if you realize that it is for you, be prepared to invest a lot of money and about a decade building a strong resume. You may be talented, but no one should take your word for it. Your resume proves it and the fact that you're highly-trained. It should include many years of training in the form of a TOP acting school, as well as workshops, acting summer camp, etc. In addition, experience in the form of indie and student films, as well as community theater and/or youth theater, etc. Constantly land leading roles. Win some awards for your acting. In addition, take vocal and dancing lessons, as well as anything else you can master and then add to your resume to give it a boost (for example: horseback riding, martial arts, acrobatics, dialects, etc.). Once you've got that under your belt, you (move to LA, or NYC, and then you) can be considered by legit agents. If and when you get an agent, probably through a referral from someone you've worked with and impressed (like a director, a producer, an acting teacher, or even a fellow actor - that's how you usually get an agent, which is why you'd better network as well), you will be able to start going to auditions for professional work. But not just like that! Again, there's more to it. In short, when a new project kicks off, the casting director creates a character breakdown. That breakdown basically describes, briefly, the type of actor they're looking for to fill in a certain role: the gender, age range, looks, special skills, etc. Then this goes to the agents that casting director works with. Ones they know, admire, and trust. The agent goes over their client data and submits only the ones that fit the description of that particular role. Meaning, they send the casting director the headshots, resumes, and show reels (you'll need all of that!) of the select clients. Out of those, the casting director invites to audition only the ones *they* think may fit that particular role. See how big the gap is between what you're thinking and the reality? See why there's no way this is true? You probably misunderstood. Having actual life experience helps when you audition for roles. But you'd still have to be a professional and represented actor, not just some random person who suspects they're good at acting. Either that or you're heard of a documentary.


You either heard incorrectly or you were listening to an idiot. All producers/directors look for really talented, very well-trained, very experienced actors who fit their vision of the character. And they find them through top agents who have selected them from thousands of applicants who they checked out to go on their books for those very same things. What you 'suspect' is totally meaningless. Millions of people have been bullied and it has no effect whatsoever on their acting ability. If you want to try acting - go ahead. Start training and gaining experience. But you should understand that on average it takes seven years before you might be good enough to get signed by an agent - IF you have huge talent. And even after that, the most you're ever likely to get is a few days' paid acting work a year, in small roles, in small productions. Be realistic.


That is not true, at all.


I never heard of that but you can always try and audition. You never know, maybe you can pass