I’m determined to be a actor but how do you avoid the spotlight?



Consider pursuing theater. Just theater. Otherwise, I m sorry but it s NOT about you. As you ve been told before, this is a BUSINESS. Every time you book a job, your agent makes money. If you refuse roles because you don t want the spotlight, then your agent will drop you and you will not be able to continue going to auditions and being a professional actor anymore. The good news, the chances that you will win enough roles to actually be in the spotlight are so so so so so so so small to begin with. You ll be lucky if you win a minor role in a minor production every few months or years. So I wouldn t worry about that. What I would be more worried about is whether or not you re capable of being in the spotlight not in the sense of being famous but being at the center of attention. Being an actor means having many pairs of eyes looking at you: At acting classes, vocal classes, during plays, in auditions, when you film... As an actor, you re always at the front. Always at the center. Do you enjoy or avoid that certain stuff? If it s not something you thrive, maybe acting is not for you?

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"An" Actor not A Actor. Finish school first.

Uncle Fester

I guess you could always run, Logan. Probably a film in there.


That's easy - almost all actors, even after years of top-quality training and loads of experience, will never get more than a few days' paid acting work and even that will be in very small roles, in small productions. Your chances of ever becoming famous enough to be 'in the spotlight' is minimal. If you want to be an actor, start by getting into a really good acting school and start learning.


You could shuffle about the stage I suppose, to keep out of it. And if you're talking about The Spotlight you could refuse to have an entry. Your Agent might not like it though.

John P

??? Only in musicals do actors get followed by spotlights. If you are in the chorus you will not be followed by a spotlight. In "straight" plays (non-musical) it extremely rare for follow-spots to be used. There are a huge number of far more important things to think about when learning acting than whether you will be in the spotlight. The mere fact that you have asked that sort of question makes me wonder if you suited to acting as a career.


If you think like this, you'll never succeed in the profession. No one will hire you.


i dont think you can if you want to be an actor, you just have to get used to it