I’m interested in becoming a Turkish drama actress. How should I go about this?



Having been born in the country of Turkey and speaking the Turkish language are most likely a good start.


You can't just move to another country and work. Depending on where you're from, you'd need the right visa and permissions. Secondly, like someone else said, you'd need to know the language. But more importantly, you can't just become an actor. You get roles by doing many rounds of auditions. You get to auditions through the best agents in the business. And thing is, you can't just get an agent because they only take on highly-experienced and highly-trained people, not amateurs or beginners. So given it all, you'd need to start by building a strong resume, which includes many years of acting training from a quality acting school, workshops, etc. as well as low-level experience in the form of student and indie films, and in addition many years of theater. Constantly land leading roles. Win some awards for your acting. Take vocal and dancing lessons too. Then and only then legit agents will be willing to consider you. This is how it work in the US. In the UK, add to that huge talent in dancing and singing either way, as well as *one of the top* drama schools. I imagine it's something similar in other countries - you cannot just audition and be hired if you don't already have experience and training under your belt. This is a BUSINESS, no one's in this to make your dreams come true. IF you make it big in your own country, you will probably be able to apply for a visa to work as an actor somewhere else. But again, it all depends on where you're from. Before you go and spend many years of your life and tons of your money though, A)you need to learn the realities of acting and pursuing it. Have you ever even tried acting? How do you know you're even good at it? How do you know it's even for you? Are you even capable of pursuing it on a professional level, including financially? Get into some acting classes, something local and low-key just to get a sense of it and to answer all these important questions. B)do your research. You want to get into something but you don't know anything about it and, worse, you don't even do your homework. The reality is VERY different from what people imagine and you seem to be more in love with the fantasy of what you THINK it's like. Or worst, your latest obsession, not the CRAFT of acting. And lastly, if you really want to act, if you love the CRAFT of acting and you enjoy every aspect of it, be willing to do anything, not just a drama actress (assuming you even get to do that at all - 99% of professional actors don't land more than a few minor roles, on minor productions, their entire career). You will not get to pick. You need to be willing to do theater, TV, films, commercials, and also indies and student films and things no one's even heard of. Get realistic. That's the first step.

John P

For a start - are you Turkish, or do you have good knowledge of Turkish society in general, including the ability to speak Turkish like a native speaker? There are most likely many native Turks already in Turkey who are struggling to make a career in acting, so it might be unlikely for you as a non-native to get a work visa in Turkey. I might assume that you need to be in Turkey in order to do well in Turkish stage plays or Turkish movies. Do you live in Turkey, or are you intending to move there? Note the need to have work permits and visas etc - get those before moving to Turkey.


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