I’ve heard taking an acting class is a must even if you don’t want to pursue it as a career. Thoughts?


Katrina E.

I don't know about "a must" but acting and theater can be a fun, creative outlet and a good way to meet different people and make friends. Acting classes can help you become more self-aware. You get a better understanding of motivations and desires. It improves your public speaking skills. It makes you put yourself in someone else's shoes which can make you more empathetic. If gives you an opportunity to explore situations from different angles. Improv classes can teach you to think on your feet and learn how to respond to the verbal and physical cues of others. Non actors can benefit from acting classes too.




No - not at all. They can be fun, give people confidence, take them outside their comfort zone and broaden their circle of friends. But they're no more a 'must' than taking any class in a hobby or interest.


What do you mean a must? A must in order to do what?

John P

From the age of my mid 50s I have appeared on the amateur stage in southern Britain many times. I think that my performances, as also those of my fellow actors of ages from 12 to 75, have been well-liked. I have occasionally attended week-end workshops with my fellow actors (very enjoyable and instructive), but never attended a long-term "acting class" as a serious college-based study.


theatre, tv soaps are all good starters


I don't see why something like that would be a must....