Ways to get into acting quickly?

So I understand that acting school is usually required, but without any of that, is it possible? I’d also like to know how to go about it. How do I get an agent? How do I get casting calls(if you know of any in the New York area, please let me know)? Are there ways to put myself out there? How do I recognize scams? Btw- I’m in the age range of 13-16 and acting is something I’ve wanted to do for almost my whole life. I’ve wanted to start young, and I fear that I’m getting too old. Please help me out!!!


You can't. Be realistic. If there was a 'quick' way to become a professional actor, millions of kids your age would do it! Acting school is always required - for many years! There's a huge amount to learn. You also need experience - and again, many years of it. Agents are never, ever interested in beginners. They want very well-trained, very talented, very experienced actors. Only after several years of training and experience would any genuine agent agree to represent you. And it's the agent who 'puts you out there'. They get casting breakdowns and suggest to any suitable clients that they could request an audition for a specific role. They don't advertise professional work to the general public. If you really want to act, get into a good school and join a youth theatre. But be realistic and accept that you're likely to be between 21 and 24 before any real agency would accept you.


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Any good high school has a drama club. Every big city has film students making amateur films, who need volunteer actors. You don't get paid for working with students, but it is exposure, and everyone has to start somewhere. You can find these opportunities on craigslist.org In the world of acting, it's important to get noticed. If you can win a statewide beauty contest, for example, this is publicity, at least. Search ads for casing calls, and be prepared to deliver a monologue. It's useful to study drama. If you can't find anyone to act out famous plays with you, take all the parts yourself, and use a mirror. I highly recommend the plays of Ibsen, Chekhov, Arthur Miller and Oscar Wilde. Study award winning actresses like Meryl Streep. Being able to imitate foreign accents is very useful. Study this. Another marketable skill is martial arts,or dance. Acting is extremely competitive - make yourself competitive.