Are you good at taking pics?

What do you of mine?


thats good check out this sunbeam i caught at cape disappointment it didnt live up to its name this day


*Are you good at taking pics? I like to think so. *What do you (think) of mine? An honest critique? I think you should crop it at the bottom and top so that it's more rectangular. That will draw viewers' eyes out to the sides and create an effect of the scope being more vast. I also think when you do that, you need to correct the fact that it's crooked. Everything in the photo is leaning left. Look at the buildings. The lines that should be perpendicular, straight up and down, aren't but instead are all leaning leftward. You can also see that it's crooked just in the horizon itself. Finally, I think, no, I know the picture is underexposed, which can be corrected somewhat with software but not completely, so you either need a better camera or need to better learn how to use your camera--which, I don't know.


I am good because I am also a painter. You picture is too murky in the darker areas otherwise it would be pretty good. You might need a better lens and when you really get into a filter helps in the type of picture you are taking but definite you need a better lens.

Good Man

Not my own but may be yours , if u r charming


I'm not good at taking pictures BUT YOU ARE!




Yes. I've won numerous national photo contests, but I'm not a working professional. I've used various formats of cameras ranging from a 110 Kodak when I was just 5 years old, to professional 35mm and medium format cameras, to 4x5 and 8x10 view cameras. But none of that is important at all. Gear, especially with landscapes, is not important. What lens you use is not important. I've seen amazing landscape photos taken with pinhole cameras which don't even have a lens, but instead a simple hole made with a needle. I see that you utilized the rule of thirds by placing the horizon line on the lower third to place more emphasis on the sky. This tells me that you wanted the sunset to be the main subject of the composition, and the landscape to secondary. On a technical level, the image is underexposed. The foreground and middle ground is far too dark and underexposed. This resulted in murky blobs of greens and browns. A better exposure along with better post processing such as making exposure corrections, contrast and color corrections, or the use of a split graduated ND filter, would have produced a better overall exposure and a better, natural looking image. On an artistic level, as far as a landscape photo goes, you successfully documented this particular scene at this particular spot. But that's not to say that you chose a good spot, or chose a good perspective, or even a good moment. In pretty much all successful landscape photos there is a very common trait which is that they all have interesting elements in the foreground, middle ground and background. In your photo, you have an interesting background (the mountains), but the middle ground is occupied by very uninteresting building. The foreground has some rocks which could have been interesting, but you placed them too low in the frame by cropping them. On the right side of the frame, you have some sticks juxtaposed over some white building which, like the sticks add no interest to the image, but instead they are distractions. So on a compositional sense, while you did a good job on the use of the RoT, the foreground and middle ground elements are either uninteresting (i.e. ugly) or distractions. Let me ask you this: If there was no sky or mountains in the background, would you have taken this photo of the brush and buildings? I think that you are like most people and would have not taken that photo. So my point is that while you have an interesting background, you didn't choose an interesting foreground or middle ground to complete your composition. And this is why this particular image fails as a landscape. It has nothing to do with the quality of your camera or your lens. It has everything to do with your decisions.






no i'm horrible at taking them.

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Nice. Idk, I just point and shoot. People think I should go pro, but nah.


Yes I'm an amateur photographer, I use Nikon D 800, had the chance to go pro and work as a photographer but I chose not to.


I can keep a picture centered at least