How to get dad off back?

So I drew the thing from Nuckelavee from RWBY (It's the thing in the picture). My dad saw the drawing and was like "THAT'S DEMONIC!!!" And I'm like in my head Well, what do you expect it to look like it's supposed to look demonic. But he won't leave me alone about it. He's like, "of all things you had to draw that" and even "what would god say about that?" Jesus christ I'm drawing a cartoon character!!!! I want him to leave me alone with this. I never even purposefully showed it to him, he's just incredibly nosy!

Elaine M

Tell him you need to be able to draw a full RANGE of characters well to be able to be fully trained in styles.

Australian Sniper

Voting for dad here. Don't become some edge lord anime drawer who dyes there hair blue and gets piercings. There are early warnings of "weeaboo's" and this is one of them.