How much would a (custom) painting like this cost?

Hello! I’m a 17 year old female painter and I accept commissions from people locally. This is a custom acrylic painting of my art teacher’s dog and it’s done on an 8x10 canvas. I’ve been selling custom pieces like these for $50 dollars a painting (specifically for an 8x10 canvas), but I just don’t know if that’s too much, or too little. I just want an idea of what you think because I want to start painting for people outside my state. Thanks so much! And if you would like to see more works of mine, my Instagram is! :)

Forty Licks

That is a lovely painting. Just remember that dogs are very close to our hearts and your fine work could be worth more. If they are rich,ask them for $80


The fact that you can sell them AT ALL is good (not saying they are bad because they aren't). It's very difficult to sell artwork.


$50 feels very appropriate for this kind of work, you may even want to charge $60 or $70 if you feel comfortable. I just gave you a follow. (Love the drawing of 2D btw!)


How much are ALL supplies to make one painting. Don’t forget you buy paint brushes and other items to be able to paint. You need to figure that in too. How much time does it take you. What are you willing to work for.


Give yourself an hourly wage and price your work based on how long you believe it will take you to complete. Pet paintings are in high demand and your work is good, I don't think you should give yourself less than $15/hr. But you also want to get your money upfront. Estimate how long the average 8X10 painting takes you, advertise them at that price. If a client wants extras that will take more time, you can negotiate the terms with them and charge more based on your hourly rate.

Andrew the Mullin