Is this a learning disability?

So when I read, I have no problem with the actual words or making out what they’re saying or anything like that, but sometimes when I read I have difficulties: 1. I struggle to understand the meaning of directions or a short passage, etc. because I feel sometimes things are too ambiguous, even when they might not be. 2. If I see a long article or some dense text, my brain either completely shuts off and I run from it, or I look for bullet points or bold text with short, sweet info. 3. Font also really matters. It can tremendously reduce the hesitation if the font is super easy to read. For instance, if there’s a lot of information, larger font and bolder makes it less difficult to read. 4. Cartoons or animations mean I will definitely watch or read it, especially if it’s colorful. I’m great at math and physics, but reading can really be hard for me sometimes. I also love writing, which comes naturally to me. But I just can’t figure out why I’m like this so much. Is it because of my ADHD? Maybe that’s part of the reason, but does anybody else identify with any of these things?


It’s dyslexia. I have the same issue. You can work around the problem by picking apart each sentence and highlighting important text. For college I read the assigned chapters (sometimes the same passage a dozen times). I then go back and reread them but this time I highlight what I feel is most relevant to our studies. I then take those highlighted sections and write them in a notebook. I rewrite those sections in a second notebook neatly and condense them using bullet points. I transfer those to flash cards with questions on one side and answers on the other. I then draw pictures next to my rewritten notes to trigger my memory later during a test. Last, I study the flash cards with my kids daily until my memory is flawless. So far these steps have worked for me. I maintain a 4.0. Bonus that my kids have been studying with me since kindergarten so their academics remain college level.


Maybe you should be tested for dyslexia which can cause difficulty understanding what you are reading. It can be treated. President Eisenhower had it.


Gunna say - that all sounds pretty normal to me.