Cameras: Bought daughter inexpensive dslr. Wants to learn basics. What is the sim[lest book out there?



No book needed. Read instruction manual. Don't allow her to use fully automatic. Do lots of photographs. Trips for photography etc.

John P

As well as any book, do you have any neighbours etc who know how to handle DSLRs? A few hours practical assistance, in a few separated sessions, will be of enormous help. Note that digital photography allows her to experiment at no cost except time. In the good old bad old days we had to pay for our film and processing, or spend hours in a darkroom.

Pop Ice

Digital photography for Dummies.


Two great books to consider for the beginner are: Brian Peterson's - Understanding Exposure Tony Northrup's - Stunning Digital Photography Beyond how-to books, it's also imperative that she looks as photo books showcasing the work of the great photographers. If all she wants to do is take snapshots, then this isn't needed at all. But if she's developing a passion for photography, then studying the great works of past/present photographers will build up a visual library in her mind from which she can borrow ideas to use in her own unique work. Take her to galleries and museums which will allow her to learn what constitutes a great photograph or even a great painting. Painters and photographers use the same compositional techniques. A few great YouTube channels dedicated to photography are: The Art of Photography hosted by Ted Forbes, and Fstoppers. Fstoppers is more advanced than most photography-related channels on youtube, but still a really good source. They do critiques which is a fantastic way of learning what not to do. YouTube is an amazing source for learning technical and artistic sides of photography, all for free. KelbyOne has a good youtube channel, and they also sell on line video tutorials ranging from understanding the exposure triangle, to professional lighting, to post processing (i.e. Photoshop), to self promotion and marketing. also has great videos. Encourage her to do photo projects. A common one is a 365 project where you take a photo every day for a year. Guaranteed to get her to go from total noob to a good amateur, providing that she sticks with it.