How old is this picture?



I see nothing that dates it at all. It could have been taken yesterday.

Steve P

Just another stupid, disgusting, tattooed moron taking a selfie, so it has to be relatively recent.


It could be 10 years old or more.

Blue Sky 🐾

I'm gonna guess its 20 years old.

Vinegar Taster

Less than 5 years .


If you have the original image, and it's a digital image as opposed to an image taken with film and then scanned, you can read the exif data which will tell you when the image was taken. EXIF data readers can be found for free on the web. It certainly looks like the woman is taking a selfie, so I'll assume it's a photo taken with a phone. This would then mean that the image was taken no more than about 10-15 years ago, at the most.


More than 25