If I buy the original Mona Lisa legally, what can stop me from eating it?


Barry A

Nothing at all. Just be aware that the paint in the Mona Lisa contains enough arsenic to kill 50 people

Ghost Of Christmas Past

If you own it, you can do what you like with it. The Mona Lisa was assessed last year as being worth $100 million although if it were to find its way legitimately into an art auction it would probably go for considerably more. You may find it a rather expensive snack - I suggest you stick with a BigMac.

M'aiq The liar

Not only would nothing stop you, but I would pay every dollar in my pocket to watch you eat it.


What will stop you from eating it, is not having the $800,000,000 USD that it is worth. It would not exactly be a "value meal".


Art thieves.

Andy C



lead paint


Ingestion and the very real possibility that you'd poison yourself.


I’m surprised your question hasn’t been taken down yet 😂 I asked the same thing and it got taken down within a day.


It is not edible.


There might be some sort of law protecting old famous artwork, but if not then nothing

Max Hoopla

Unless you are a beaver, normal food preferences.

k w

no skool today? must be the brrrrrr, cold weather.........

►Amiable Atheist

The disarming, distoothing, Mona Lisa quasi-smile.

Mark Mark

Some of the colors in the paint were made using *** warts from old people.


isn't it better a hot-dog? or a french one...?


u couldn't even afford a bus trip