Tripod help - a mount with a socket that attaches to a ball?

Hello, I have an iPad tripod so the top is a ball head and the iPad holder mounts onto it with a socket that you twist to tighten (I’m not sure if that part has a specific name? Sorry I’m new to such equipment) I’m looking for a tripod mounting plate and/or an adapter that has a hole so it can attach to the ball head (I’m guessing it depends on the size of the ball head?), and then the top is a typical flat camera mount with the 1/4 screw. And before you say anything, yes, I have a regular camera tripod, I was just wondering if such an adapter exists so I can have an additional standard tripod for my camera/lights/phone/etc w/o buying a whole other tripod stand I’m just having trouble shopping for it because I don’t know what it’s called, or if there’s even a thing for it but I’m assuming there is Thank you for your help and hope my question is clear


It seems like you're talking about a quick release plate. The problem is not that plates don't exist, the problem is that they may not be one that fits into the head of your existing tripod. Most tripod manufacturers use a proprietary shaped quick release plat. The exception to this is Arca Swiss. There are several tripod manufacturers such as Really Right Stuff, that use the Arca Swiss style of quick release plates. Tell us the make and model of your existing tripod. You explain what you're looking for, but you really don't explain what you're trying to do. Maybe I'm a little dense because it's early and I've not had my coffee yet? What I do know is that if the piece you're looking for exists, then B&H will have it. Take a look at their tripod accessories page: Manfrotto (formally Bogen) makes a boat load of clamps and tripod accessories. They may have something that is different that what you have in mind, but will do the job.