Where to Learn stone sculpting for beginners in Albuquerque NM?

I would like to pick up stone sculpting but I don't really know where to start on either sculpting, or getting supplies like tools and rocks. Does anyone know where I can go to learn these things.

Sir Caustic

Who can say? I wonder how people found out about this kind of stuff before the internet? It must have been really hard.


It's complicated. Stone sculpture usually means marble, granite or other stones like alabaster. That is done with hammer and chisel to start. The only place (besides just books) I could think where you might learn that would be some universities. Surely there might be private classes but I don't know of any. The other carving is "hard stone" like agates and many others. That is lapidary work and requires stone cutting equipment. There are clubs who can get you started. How fortunate that you are in Albuquerque. Stop by Southwest Minerals on Central across from the fairgrounds. Old school place, seriously fascinating and nice folks, too: http://www.southwesternminerals.com/