Which kind of paper is best to draw on: plain white paper or tablet paper?

For me, I only draw on plain white paper. Which is better?

Elaine M

I did the entire Ferret Tarot on standard computer printer paper. It was done in black ink from a rollerball pen, I might not have used this paper if I was using pen and ink as that pulls the fibers on a paper's surface when pressed too hard. Use what your pen/writing implement works best on.

The Lord Humungus.

This is as if you said "Paper or paper." Tablets are just one way to organize paper, they're not a type of paper. Which kind of paper is best for you is based on what you find to work best and what you an afford. Different papers have different finishes to them and are produced in different ways from differing products which affect both their duration and their ability to absorb media.


Thick textured paper

Oompa Loompah

toilet paper