Is $230 to much for a coat?

I'm looking for a new coat because I'm not a fan of my old one anymore (Not very warm or good looking) I found one at Patagonia and I'm probably going to buy it, but it's $230. Is that to much?


That depends entirely on your budget and on several other factors. Are you done growing? A coat that will only fit for a few winters shouldn't be terribly expensive. How long are you likely to wear this coat? My habit is to wear a coat for about ten years, often longer, so I can justify a $230 coat as $23 a year, which seems pretty reasonable. (My snow shoveling coat, still perfectly acceptable in public, was purchased in 2002.) But if you damage your coats, get them so dirty or stained they don't come clean, or buy ones that go out of style and you don't want to wear them, your annual costs will be much higher. Patagonia makes a good product, but this time of year, coat sales are abundant and you can get an equally warm coat for a lot less. I'd hesitate to spend that much on the kinds of coats they make.


Well here's like a mental checklist I usually keep in mind 1. Can you afford it 2. Will you wear it often 3. Visually appealing? 4. Does it do its purpose (keep you warm!) 5. Would it look good with other types of apparel (scarves, hats, gloves, etc)




It depends on your budget and finances.


depends on your financial conditions but too be honest it is a little too much for my budget


i wouldn't spend that much


I couldn't justify myself spending that much for a coat. But it's your money, so you can spend it how you'd like.


no it will last forever


It depends on a lot of factors. Can you afford it? Will you be getting a lot of wear out of it? I personally could never spend $230 on a coat, I get all my winter coats from goodwill for $6-$10 and some are brand new with tags and good quality. If you’ll get a lot of wear out of the coat and you know it’s good quality, it’ll be justified. I’ve bought cheap coats that last maybe a year.


I bought a Patagonia winter parka in 1982 for $175. It kept me very warm for 2 cold winters. Then after having washed it many times the thinsulate lost it's effectiveness. But it was definitely worth the money.

mike m

Is it too much? Duh, it depends on your financial situation. If you make 25K a year salary, yes it's more than you should probably spend.


Yes. I would pay 80 to 100 dollars for a coat, and 50 or 60 dollars may be the cheapest we find for a coat. Even the more expensive coats that I've seen at stores, the Levi's 180 dollar leather look alike, with furry like cotton (not fur - but it was made to look that style) at Burlington Coat Factory was 180 dollars, and that's the most expensive I remember seeing there, so far. Even though there may be some that are 230 dollars there. I would only buy the 180 dollar Levi's coat that I'm talking about right now, that I remember seeing, only because it looks like it would really keep me warm in winter, and even that is too much for a coat. Otherwise, I would not pay more than 80 to 100 dollars, maybe 120 dollars, or so, for a coat.


not really. depends on your income level, life style etc. Coats can easily cost thousands if you buy brand name.


Not At all if its a Nice coat thats fashionable


whats ur budget ?


too much


definitly is you can find cheaper on ebay

Linda S

Is it a winter worthy coat? Will it keep you warm and dry? Will it be the main coat you will wear several times a day, every day, day after day, for several months a year? then yes, it s absolutely worth the 230$. In a winter climate a good warm winter coat is not a luxury -it is an essential. With winter coats often you get what you pay for a coats that are truly warm cost more than coats that aren t well insulated or weatherproof. You need to calculate the cost per wearing to understand the true value of spending money on clothes. Sometimes something expensive will be worn so much it becomes a bargain while something cheap that s worn once is an expensive mistake. Let assume you wear the coat twice a day -going to somewhere and coming home. You go out six days a week. and winter lasts about five months. Throw is a few extra trips to the mall, supermarket, ruinning around to a bunch of places and more. We are now close to 500 wearings of this coat. A good coat should last for two years. You will have worn the coat almost 1000 times in the past two years. Your coat has now cost 32 cents per wearing. That expensive coat has turned into quite the bargain! That 320$ coat is now cheaper per wearing than that 15$ tee shirt you wore three times, or the super cheap shirt you go for 10$ and wore once. The tee is 5$ per wearing and the other shirt cost ten dollars per wearing The coat -even at 230$ -is a bargain, cheap things you don t wear are not a bargain.


If you feel the quality is worthy of $230 and coats can last a long time!


It really depends on what your income is. If you are poor, you need to have Dolly Parton's mother stitch you a patchwork coat. If you are middle class, it's a little on the pricey end. But if you can afford it, then enjoy !


If you keep it for 3 years, then it's enough.


For me yes but if you really love it and keep it for years maybe! No right or wrong.


It depends on the individual coat. I think they have some great coats, but I also think they have some that are really overpriced for what they are. They are a generally reputable brand. They are also sold in other stores, so i would look around at different websites and individual retailers that sell outdoor clothing, and see if they are having a sale or would do something like free shipping and returns.


Depends on how much wear you plan to get out of it.


not if you can afford to buy it


Depends how much use you’ll get out of it. I bought an expensive winter coat over ten years ago and it’s still like brand new. I bought a cheaper winter coat to wear to work and it only lasted a few years. It ripped within a month or two.


I feel its better to get something you really want, and is the perfect color and size,and is high quality than settle for something you liked because it was cheaper basically... Its rewarding to get exactly what you know you want... 9 out of ten times you'll be disappointed, settling for an imitation... A nice coat, that you like, that cost a bit, that feels good, keeps you warm, is worth it... It will last as long or longer than 5 cheap coats that dont really keep you dry, or warm, and dont look or feel very good... My wise uncle would always say... If you cant pay cash you can not afford it, and if you cant afrord to buy it twice you also can not afford it... If i see a coat like that i really want, i wait a week and see if im still thinking about it, before I decide...


Not if it's a good one. I recently bought a new winter coat at a ski shop; but I bought it last Spring, just as the shop closed for the season. It was a bargain, but still cost over $200.00. I could have bought a cheap one at any other store, but I'd freeze to death!


it isn't if you can afford too buy it and i have seen jackets that sell for as much as $700