Besides bangs and pigtails, what are popular White females' hairstyles?

Hi. I am not being racist. This is a question about culture. and I am doing research on this for a project. I don't know that much about popular hairstyles in any culture. Besides bangs and pigtails, what are popular White females' hairstyles? Someone told me pixie cuts are popular. What other hairstyles are popular with White females? Please help- thank you. I'm a cartoonist and I am designing female human characters in all cultures. I don't know that much about hairstyles.


White females? There is no one white culture. Just as there is no single black culture. Stop being so idiotic.

Kat Heart

I had bangs, braids, and pigtails in elementary school, but it was too kiddie for middle school. I don't think I know anyone with bangs. Most have their "bangs" grown out so that its as long as the rest of their hair. I just keep mine naturally because its really straight and won't hold a curl, but it's about six inches past my shoulder. I wish it would hold a little bit of a wave. Where I live Pixie cuts are kinda out, I know a lot of people that style there hair so it has a beach wave. I know a couple girls that cut it shoulder length so that its a little longer in the front and shorter in the back. And Ombre is a popular dye job and so is blond coloring or highlights, but brown is the most common natural color. And ponytails and messy buns are always popular! Google A-line bob haircuts, and beach wave hair.

Linda S

Pigtails are not popular on girls over the age of 6. French braids and the so-called boxer or dutch braids are a fad with younger women. Bangs are not universally popular either because not everyone looks good in them. Reality is that white women wear their hair thousands of different lengths and styles. The only one at this point in time that's worn more than any other is the ponytail. Loose and messy for daytime and casual to the sleek tight one for evening. But overall you can't really stereotype "white woman" hair.


I don't wear bangs and I haven't worn pig tails, or braids since I was a child. Pixies were popular a few months ago. Bobs or long bob hair styles seam to be popular for women with shorter hair these days. When I had longer hair I would just wear it down with a head band and have it naturally curly, or I would put it up in a pony tail. If the hair is long enough women can wear it a number of ways. Look up popular hair styles for women on pinterest or google.


Mostly we wear our hair down. Long and natural curls are popular right now. Shoulder length and bigger curls are also popular. For updos messy buns and reverse or regular French braids and Dutch braids and a messy ponytail or a really high ponytail. And right now everyone is using scrunchies in their hair


French braids