I just accidentally swallowed shampoo and conditioner water, is it harmful?

He guys, funny story but I just accidentally swallowed shampoo and conditioner water. Our showers aren't working currently, so my sister asked if she could wash her hair in my sink. I said yes, and she finished up and went on her way. So by now it's 10 pm and I'm thirsty. I have a cup by my sink for when I'm thirsty at night. I filled it up with water (and with me being dumb and all, I didn't realize it already had water in it) and drank the whole thing. Now here comes the disgusting part. As I got to the bottom of my cup of not so fresh water, I end up almost swallowing some of my sister's hair. At this moment in time I wanted to throw up. I realize that I have a really bad after taste of hair soap. Now since I freak out about everything, I am wondering will I die? Or will this possibly harm my body? Sincerely, A really stupid neighbor


you won't die and you'll be fine

Linda S

You will be fine. Even if you swallow hair you will be fine. There's nothing poisonous in shampoo or conditioner because it assumed that people will swallow some while washing their hair so FDA laws state shampoo can't be poisonous. The detergent might give you diarrhea for a day or two and that's about it. . If it was poisonous and if anyone died from a shampoo or conditioner it would be yanked off the shelves and it would be the number one headline news story around the world -like romaine lettuce was back in December. As for hair the only time it's a risk is for lifetime habitual hair nibblers. A few or even a clump of hair will pass through, non stop constant hair eating is the problems.


Calm down. You'll be fine. The thought is disgusting, however. Be more aware of the taste in your mouth. It COULD have been something very harmful.


No. Worse thing is that you might throw up.