Can blackstrap molasses reverse gray hair?



No. Not even a little bit.

Linda S

No. There's not enough sulfur in the molasses sold today to change the color of hair. And it doesn't reverse grey hair, the higher sufur content of older types of molasses would simply act as as oxidizer and dye the hair a different color. It was an old wives tale grey hair cure and it was a valid as most other old wives tales -not valid at all. These days there's much better more effective and less sticky ways to cover grey hair. You can't "reverse" grey hair, once the follicles stop producing pigments they can't be made to produce it again. The best you can do is get a nice dye in a similar shade to your orignal color.


No, but hair dye should cover it. Molasses is basically left overs from the process of making brown sugar.


No clue I don’t have greys