First time coloring my hair, what should I do to prep my hair?

My hair is pretty ****. It's uneven, and it's kind of dry and damaged. It's really thin and I tend to hack on it myself to save myself the trip. I know, that's bad for it, and I totally regret it now because my hair sucks. I'm getting it cut and ombre(d?) next week for the first time and have no idea what to do! Kind of nervous about it. I've never had color before. I am going to call and talk to the lady styling it later about prep, but I wanted to have an idea about what I'm getting myself into beforehand. Do I wash it the day of? (When should be the last time I wash it? My hair gets greasy really fast. I usually wash it with shampoo and cond. once a day - I know it's not good for your hair.) Do I need to put something special on it so it will hold color better? And do I need to buy the solons shampoo or can I buy color appropriate shampoo and conditioner at the store for cheaper Thanks for the advice! I plan to have her cut about four inches off, so that should help some with my damaged ends! I'm getting really excited!! :)


I think its a good idea to call the stylist and ask if you should come into the salon with dirty or clean hair. I would do a deep conditioning treatment and a protein treatment before you go in. You can find protein treatments at walmart, they are pretty cheap. I use one in a white little pouch with gold writing on it and it really helps my bleached hair feel nice and strong. This is a protein treatment that helps rebuild the hair, but it has conditioners that help moisturize at the same time. I would use something like this before you go so your hair is ready for the treatment. If you have long hair, I would get more than one pouch, or get another type of conditioner to mix with it.


Wash it a minimum of 3 days before, deep condition.


For healthier hair, you should get a very short cut to get rid of the damage and stop creating more damage with extra chemicals.


Honey, if your hair is dry and damaged, coloring it well make it does not matter how you"prep" to color your hair. If you insist on doing this........DO NOT WASH YOU R HAIR. Go a couple of days (2-3).the hair color will cling to the natural oils in your hair. Let your hair get a little oily... Washing it right before you color it, will damage it heavily.