Hairstyles for heavy hair?

I'm trying to grow my hair really long because it's been a dream of mine since I was really young. It's almost to my tailbone and gets in the way too much to wear down, but wearing it in a braid all the time makes the top of my head hurt. Are there tricks for this kind of thing? What do other people do?


Milkmaid braid


Try Pinterest for hairstyle ideas. I have thick wavy hair to my knees. Usually I just leave it down. It doesn’t bother me. But sometimes I do like to style it. There are so many different techniques for long hair that’s elegant. How’s your braiding skills? I can duplicate any style I see but I’ve had long hair most of my life. If you are just getting the hang of it, start with simple styles. I absolutely love the hair combs with the woven elastic bands between the two comb parts. It’s great for pulling long hair back.


You can put it in a bun.